Winter Essentials: Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Two years ago, I purchased this pair sunglasses in gold frame/green lens…right after I saw Don Draper wearing a similar pair in Mad Men. The shape said military, the style said cool, the look said confident – and that’s all anything has to say to me.

I really was stalking these shades. My friends thought I was crazy (why would a thirty-year-old woman want to look like a 1960’s ad man?), but I know a classic when I see it and these shades fit the bill. I tracked the glasses down at Steven Alan and saw them again at my favorite store in Austin, Stag. Great minds think alike!

Best part of owning the shades is, once again, accidentally stumbling into the arms of another great American company. Started in 1972 by two engineers, Randolph Engineering focuses on performance and quality. For nearly the past thirty years, the company has been the go-to choice for military aviators.

I dare you to watch the video below and not be filled with a sense of pride that a Country founded on making things the right way has companies still doing just that 235 years later.

The Sound of Sight from Randolph Engineering on Vimeo.