Weekend Project: Closet Cleanout

This is embarrassing.  About a month ago, I decided to not buy anything new until I cleaned out my closet.  I have a beautiful walk-in – one of the best features of the apartment if you ask me.  If you ask the Husband, he would choose the outdoor deck and grill.

Either way, instead of getting moving on the cleaning, so I could start on the shopping, I would daily stand in door of the closet paralyzed to even pick up the bags strewn on the floor.  The “walk-in” closet quickly transformed into the “stand-on” closet.

I could hear my Pop’s voice in my head…”I am not buying you another thing if you can’t take care of what you have!”  So, I was especially ashamed when I ran across this picture of the closet when we moved in.  Like I said embarrassing.  So here is how I cleaned and organized this disaster.

First things first.  I needed to be able to walk in the walk-in, right?  So I moved everything that was stashed on the floor of the closet to the floor of the bedroom.  I took every pair of shoes out of bins and off the shelves.

The Husband heard the commotion and came to investigate.  He found me in a pair of four-inch platforms that have never been worn.  Ever.

I sorted by color and then got down to business trying on shoes.  Following my business rule of only touch it once, I made piles for sell, donate, toss, and of course, keep!  I allowed myself to keep two pairs that I will never wear because they are pretty and make me smile to see them on the shelves.

Next I pulled all scarves, hats, and gloves out of the closet and piled them on the bed. Here is the downside to knitting – I am extremely attached to most of my scarves because I knit them!

I made the decision I would keep what I could fit into a wire basket.  I rolled all the scarves and placed the gloves on top.  Limiting the container size is a very powerful motivator for only keeping what you need!

Next up?  Purses.  But first a break…it’s terrible to miss a beautiful day without a glass of wine, right?


Ok – much better – now on with the purses.  I had three crates and one bag full of bags.  I allowed for one wire basket and one shelf for my collection.

Most of my purses I will never carry, but I can’t/won’t part with for sentimental reasons.  So they all stay.  I did toss/donate every “giveaway” tote I had from trade shows, so that saved some space.

I ended up using the wire basket to line up the clutches so that I could easily see each one to grab and go!

Two more quick tips for you – you need to buy a mens tie holder to organize your belts.  I also love this hanging jewelry organizer.

Finally, I have set a rule that I must put things where they go.

I guess you may also be interested in the two pairs of shoes I will never wear, but just couldn’t part with.  Hope they make you smile the same why I do when I open the closet each morning!

Happy organizing – let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you figure out your organizing challenges!