Vacation Destination: Nevis

A couple of weeks ago, the Husband took me on vacation.  We spent the entire week living in a Corona ad.  We were solo on the beaches, in the dining rooms, listening to local music, only noticing others when we wanted to – and others were few and far between.

The island of Nevis is a West Indies island, off the coast of St. Kitts.  When looking for a vacation spot, I had a couple of requirements.  One, no people – meaning a small resort with lots of beach and quiet.  Two, a golf course to keep the Husband busy while I read as many books as possible.  I searched and searched and finally found Nevis.

Nevis only has a few hotels, restaurants, and very little nightlife – perfect.  Also, because the island is so small and exclusive, the “high” season here (November – February) is extremely crowded and expensive.  Good thing for us, we are spring/summer travelers.  June is the start of the hurricane season in the Caribbean and I am extremely paranoid, but for Nevis, I would l roll the dice against Mother Nature again.  Here is why.

Everything about the resort was exactly as the website described, which I find to be extremely rare.  I always steel myself to be disappointed, but everything about the staff, the facilities, the amenities, and the beaches was exactly as advertised.  Quiet, luxurious, relaxing, and private.

Most days were spent at the beach – where there was usually no one…except our beach attendant, who was kind, helpful, and never intrusive. The waves lapping the beach and the palms blowing in the breeze were the only sounds.


When not at the beach, we hit the spa or the golf course.  The Husband loves to golf and doesn’t really get the chance to play in NYC.  So, he had booked a solo golf day – and returned to the room with his best ever scorecard.  Two days later, he was playing the course again and I decided to go with…thinking I would just ride in the cart and help caddie.  This was our conversation for the first two holes.

Husband:  Did you see where my ball went?
Me: Huh?
Husband:  Did you see where the ball landed when I hit it?
Me (pointing toward the flag on the green):  Um, that way?
Husband (Sighing and climbing into cart): That is not helpful.

I was fired after the 3rd hole.  But here is my excuse:  The course starts at sea level, climbs the peak on the island (which is home to a rainforest), and then descends back to sea level on the 18th hole.

I was so enamored by the flora and the fauna, I took pictures the entire round.  I understand why I was fired….but there were monkeys!  Monkeys frolicking on the course!  No offense to the Husband, but watching monkeys is more fun than watching golf.

On the final day in Nevis, the Husband rented us a private beach cabana.  The cabana was basically a hotel room on the beach – lounge area, dining area, ceiling fan, outdoor shower, and a stocked refrigerator.   I loved the wonderful little flag you hung on the door if you needed service.  Green?  Yes, please bring me more wine.  Red?  Leave us alone, I am reading.  My favorite amenity of the cabana were the sets of lounge chairs – one set in the shade of the cabana, one set on the beach, and yet another set of chairs at the coastline.  Six quiet chairs just for us?  Loved it!  We stayed from noon to sundown – see the moon rising over the peak in the top right corner?  Sigh…

But as with all good things, this vacation came to an end.  The Husband was ready to come home.  I was not.  As we boarded the ferry back to the airport, we overheard a fellow guest mention he had visited the island nine times.  My first thought was from Ferris Buller’s Day Off, where Ed Rooney is explaining to Mrs. Buller that Ferris had been absent nine times.  “Niiiinnnne times.”  Then I thought of my favorite line from the movie:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Nevis is the perfect place to stop and look around.  I can’t wait to go back.