The O.G. Street Style Photographer

The two beautiful people in this picture are my grandparents.

On the back of the photo, in block print, someone scrawled: Unknown, August 10, 1942.

Below that notation, in my grandmother’s perfect penmanship cursive, reads: Sue and Vane Brant, Duluth, MN – 1942.

Considering the recent debate about street style worthiness and the profession of street style photography (discussion here – hysterical rant here), I must say: Isn’t this the type of photograph that inspires all of us to pull ourselves together before leaving the house, stand up straighter, and walk a little taller? And if we didn’t have photographers on the street capturing this kind of inspiration, wouldn’t we all be worse off?

Like every industry, some street style photographers don’t have a vision and may possess little talent. However, many of them capture wonderful moments that would otherwise be lost forever. I am grateful that a “street style” photographer caught this amazing shot of my grandparents! I declare him the Original Gangster of Street Style Photography.