Summer Essentials: Nautical Rope Bracelets

New England style always makes me smile.  And when I think of the tennis club scene in Trading Places, an incredibly clichéd depiction of New England Style, I start giggling. However, I spent last weekend cruising the coast of Lake Champlain with my Brother, so maybe I am just in the spirit?

I need a nautical rope bracelet.

In my quest, I found Kiel James Patrick.  His products are 100% designed, sourced, and manufactured in the USA – heck, even the cotton for the bracelets is grown, dyed, and spun here in the States!  His studio and factory are located in Rhode Island, where the bracelets are woven.  Yet another local business that deserves our support, don’t you agree?

image via {link url="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"}KJP{/link}

Right now, I am trying to talk myself out of this pink version, knowing I am definitely more of a navy/natural girl. But, the pink is so pretty!

Be sure to check out KJP’s tumblr and his lady’s blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls.  Just the name alone makes me smile…in a good way.