Start the New Year Off Write!

I am obsessed with paper goods. I tell people I have an under-the-bed tupperware container full of stationery and cards. Truth be told, my grandmother’s entire three-drawer hope chest is stuffed with stationery that I have collected over the years.

You want proof?

The cards pictured at the right were given to me by my dear Aunt for Christmas…at least 20 YEARS ago. My sister received a matching set the same year.

This fall, I asked the kind ladies at The Inviting Place in Tulsa if we could have them reproduced for my sister – with her married name. She needed professional stationery for sending thank you notes. I thought these would perfectly fit the bill – and they do!

Now, my niece wants a pen pal. Preferably in Europe. Crazy Aunt Me in NYC will just have to do for now.

I bought each of us a set of this amazing airmail stationery. I picked up our sets at one of my favorite gift shops in Austin, Mercury Design Studio. I adore this store – you can always find something fantastic for anyone, at any price point. If you are interested in this stationery, you can find a store near you that carries Kikkerland Design selections here.

I plan on writing more letters this year – mainly because it makes me feel good…but also so I can make more space in my hope chest for updating my stationery collection!

Now I need to improve my penmanship!