Spring Style: Upgrade Your Converse

classic converse sneakers

Nothing says SPRING like a new pair of crisp white kicks! I wear my favorite white canvas sneakers with everything!  I take my white sneakers very seriously.  I have been known to style my favorite white canvas sneakers with a cocktail dress and a ponytail to brunch…and it looks awesome, if I say so myself.

As a kid, I wore Keds.  As a teen, I wore Tretorns.  As a twenty-year old, like every other twenty-year old, I wore Converse.  And even though I still love my Converse, with all the great canvas shoes on the market, I think we should all branch out and try something new!  Here are my picks for the best canvas sneakers for spring!


pf flyer center lo canvas sneakersFirst up, I have been wearing PF Flyers for the past two years and I adore them!  I love the cap-toe and the arch support.


tretorn canvas sneakers

I seriously considered revisiting Tretorns this season.  In my mind, Tretorns say tennis at the country club which sounds pretty fabulous…not that I play tennis or am a member of a country club.


keds white canvas sneakersAnd I also considered reverting all the way to the Keds of my childhood, but…


superga canvas sneakersI finally settled on the white Superga sneakers.  Last year, The Row collaborated with Superga and produced upgraded kicks in linen and cashmere with gold tone hardware. I love the collab, but for my first run with a new sneaker, I know I need to start with the basics!

I also love all the Superga bright colors – maybe even enough to break my 20+ year run of white spring kicks!