Nostalgia: Ft. Gibson Oklahoma

Home. So many definitions, but I believe home is the place where your heart calms, peacefulness fills your mind, and you are overwhelmed by simple beauty. You may have many. I do.

One of mine is Ft. Gibson Lake in northeast Oklahoma. My affection for this place is rooted in our family heritage. I was raised on this lake, as was my mother. And on those stressful, unable-to-sleep kinda nights, I imagine sitting on my grandparents boat, listening to merle haggard, and easing down the water toward the island. Pop once said he would like to have his ashes spread here. I used to joke that when I died I would have my ashes spread here and in the New York City harbor – so I could be in my two favorite places at once. The older I get, the more that plan makes sense. This lake has brought me calm even when I am sitting in a crowded, hot subway car.

I hope everyone has a place like this…at least in their mind.