New Year’s Resolutions: A Line A Day

My grandfather kept a line journal of special events…from 1978 to 2005 – not everyday, not every event, just enough to document a quick memory. The example above is from July 1978 when he first began dating my grandmother, Sue. Around 1980, he began to keep a line journal on his new PC, using his dot-matrix printer to print out each year.

His entries are fascinating to our family. Only a few words to describe each day. In the following years, he lists the marriages, births, graduations, dinners, trips, and well, special events for almost 37 years. The entries from April 1985 detail line entries over the course of two weeks detailing a trip from London to Paris to Israel – just one line per day. Imagine all the amazing experiences that he culled down to one line a day.

He was such an interesting person and is an inspiration to our whole family. This year, I purchased this five-year journal and we will be starting our own special events book.

One line every few days seems manageable enough for a new year’s resolution, right?