My Year in Pictures: 2014

End of February 2015.  How did that happen?  This is year is moving way too fast for my taste.  That said, I wrote this post on New Year’s Eve and just never hit publish.

I wanted to share it with you now because I read this article about the beauty of imperfect photos and this article about photo taking impairment effect.  Both of the articles reminded me of this post and why not?  It’s been a while since we shared!

So, I spent the morning reviewing my calendar and my iPhoto stream for 2014.  Lots of imperfect photos and lots of great memories – not necessarily captured in the picture, but the photos definitely helped me remember a story or moment from that day.  So, here is a quick review of 2014.  It was a good one.

The Year of Jenny – or as the Husband refers to it “The Year of Living the Dream” –  was pretty awesome.  I traveled coast to coast, spent a week in France, had almost monthly visits from my siblings, and started several new creative endeavors.

Some of the photographs are really beautiful, some are terribly grainy, and some even include me looking like I was caught in the rain.  But all the photos remind me of a wonderful moment during 2014.

For me, the point of taking a photograph is to document a moment to help me in remembering the associated emotion with that moment.  And that I definitely accomplished.

January 2014:  I kicked off the year at the Met visiting old friends.  This is a study Seurat completed for my favorite painting which I posted about here.


I always like to say hi to Vince when I am at the Met.


Degas’ dancers always make me smile..



At the end of January, my brother visited and educated me about English Premier League, specifically the Arsenal Gunners.  This is what a watch party looks like at 9 am.  By kickoff, you can’t move in the bar.  Following the Arsenal became a strong theme of 2014.




In February, a friend died.  That evening I sat on my deck and I noticed the bird and the cross in the sky, which was comforting.



I traveled home to Oklahoma in February.  My sister, niece, and I took a day trip to Stillwater for a basketball and baseball game.  It always warms my heart to spend an afternoon at Allie P.



Back in New York, I trained for Paris by taking a two-hour bistro lunch with a dear friend.


And because I am obsessed with sunset photographs, I took this in late March.

In May, we traveled to Paris. Determined to only do new things on this trip, on our first (terribly jet lagged) day, we headed to Luxembourg Gardens and I spotted this guy relaxing in a quiet corner.


While in Paris, we were walking to an Arsenal watch party (see I told you it was a theme) and I got us lost. Then I spotted this amazing floral wall. Getting lost in Paris is a good idea!



One evening, walking home from a late dinner in Paris, we stumbled into a wonderful, mini “en blanc” pop-up dinner.
While thousands are now on the “exclusive” invite list, this party looked as though a group of friends and neighbors decided to take over a small plaza in the St. Germain. Beautiful.


The Husband and I traveled to the Normandy region of France, specifically to the town of Bayeux. Located at the center of town, the cathedral was consecrated in 1077.  I wrote two posts about our trip to the Normandy region – here and here.


Standing on Omaha Beach, viewing the English Channel.



Finally, I love this shot of the love locks on the bridges of Paris. I know they are a nuisance and now that people are doing the same to every spot of chain link fence in New York, I am annoyed.  But when you stand next to Notre Dame and see the locks as public expressions of love, even my cynical heart found hope in the gesture.

Back in New York, I hosted my beautiful niece for Camp Jenny. We went to the Met. We hung out in Williamsburg. We walked the Highline and shopped. We slept late and laughed a lot. It was great!





End of June we headed back to Oklahoma. I spotted this amazing mural on the way to an Avett Brothers concert. More about the artist, Sarah Morris, here.


At the concert, the Avett Brothers sang us a hymn.


We headed to Fort Gibson for a day…a weekday where we had the entire lake to ourselves.


In July, we headed to the Hamptons, which is very similar to Grand Lake except for the beach and…

the stores.  A little different from the lake, but both places are great.


Late July, my brother came to town and so did the Arsenal Gunners! We headed out to New Jersey (always an adventure) for a match!




A week later, I headed to Vermont to meet my brother and start a two day road-trip to Oklahoma! Sounded like a fun idea…and looking back it was…but I am not sure I need to do it again! I know he thinks the same.

This was the morning we started our trip in Vermont.


This shot of a tree was when I realized that if I didn’t take pictures at truck stops, I was only going to have pictures from inside the Jeep!  Trees at truck stops in Ohio are pretty!

And here is the cornfield in Illinois that was next to a Taco Bell.

Back in Oklahoma, the siblings took a day trip to God’s Country.



Back in Brookyn in August, I said goodbye to all the amazing produce at the farmers market.



And in the west village, it snowed…on one just one block.  I love movie magic!


In the Bronx, the Husband took me to say goodbye to the Captain.


In September, I hopped out to LA for a half a minute.

sept la

For my birthday, the Pledgebrother took the Husband and me to watch Grouplove play a concert in Central Park.  A concert in Central Park was a first for me and I have lived here 14 years – it was fantastic!


October means baseball playoffs and we were lucky enough to be in Kansas City this year during the Royals’ run at the title.


I loved the vintage camera display in Chuys…but I may have just had too much of that amazing queso.


In November, we headed to Bushwick for brunch and art. The street art is extremely intricate and impressive.  The mural below is two stories high.



I love a violet sunset.


During the last week of December, we celebrated 2014 with dinner in the big city and spotted a wonderful tree at Washington Square Park and WTC on our way home.


Finally, one last sunset of 2014.


One of my obvious resolutions is maybe supplement a few of my sunset pictures with a few more of me and mine.

Based on this quick review, I like (even love?) my imperfect photos and maybe because they were imperfect, I do not believe I suffer from photo taking impairment effect.

I do encourage you to sort through the thousands of photos you took in 2014 – maybe just make a little folder and throw a few from each month into the folder and every once in a while open it up, relive a moment and be grateful – because how I see it, every photo represents an event that you were meant to experience to make you who you are today and I am definitely a better person because of those sometimes difficult, mostly awesome experiences of last year.