Modern Art that Makes Sense: Snarkitecture

Last week, the NYT Home section featured a story about a performance artist that was living in the Whitney Museum.  The exhibit features the artist in her “apartment” creating art, which one morning consisted of sorting electrical cords and playing records.

Is this the state of modern art?  Maybe I am just too simple-minded to understand.

Thank goodness the Home section also included an excellent Q&A with the team of Snarkitecture.  Immediately, I knew they took themselves seriously enough for me to understand, but not so seriously that I would feel dumb.

Snarkitecture Funiture Break
{link url="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"}Break by Snarkitecture{/link}

As reported by the Times:

“The furniture they have designed for their latest exhibition, “Funiture,” … is no exception: all of the pieces look to be broken, or in the process of falling apart. But things are not quite as they appear. Despite the imperfections, the pieces are structurally sound and functional.”

This makes sense to me – manipulating an object to make it more interesting, engaging, and exciting without losing functionality?  Fascinating.

{link url="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"}via Snarkitecture{/link}

The firm’s name – Snarkitecture – is hysterical.  Previous installations are highlighted on the site – work that is stunning and inspirational.

The current exhibit named funiture shows me they are serious artists with serious sense of humor.  Funiture is now showing in Chicago at the Volume Gallery until June 13.