Made in USA Denim: imogene + willie

here Carrie and Matt, who met at age 10 and fell in love at age 30, tell the story of the brand.


  • imogene+willie is fiercely committed to producing in the United States.

  • here Carrie and Matt discuss how the lack of production in the USA is killing their American dream at a TEDx talk.

  • here I discussed how imogene+willie tried to do the right thing as local retailers and were wronged by a minority voice in their community.

  • here imogene+willie take you behind the scenes to see one of their great quantity of one pieces being developed.

  • And after all those reasons, imogene+willie produce beautiful, smart, updated classics built to last for years.

Carrie and Matt named imogene+willie after grandparents, in the same way I named james dry goods after my great-grandfather who ran a general store in Alvin, TX during the Great Depression.

My adoration boils down to this:  Based on what I have seen and read, this couple has the vision, the determination, and the drive to make their dreams come true.  But their dreams don’t just encompass themselves.  Their vision encompasses their family, their employees, and their community.  And let’s not forget, their country.

I believe that Carrie and Matt are running imogene+willie not just as their own business, but as a statement to the greatness of what they can build to better the lives of people around them.

People like my great-grandfather, people like my grandparents (who I was lucky enough to enjoy and learn from for many years), people like my parents (who tell me anything is possible), people like the Husband (who supports my every venture), people like my siblings and friends (who encourage my every move), people like Carrie and Matt, people like their pattern-maker and sewer (a couple who moved to TN to help make imogene+willie a reality), people who work for Carrie and Matt (who are encouraged to seek their own path as their shopkeeper, Mic, recently did becoming a barber)…people like this…people like this make up our country.  And for that reason alone, imogene + willie is at the top of my list when it comes down to businesses I admire.

And on a lighter note, I happen to completely and totally adore the women’s line – many pieces are at the top of my Christmas list!

made in usa denim imogene and willie womens

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