Last Minute Christmas: Nieces and Nephews

I love being an aunt…and I really love it at Christmas. I do listen to my siblings when they tell me what is on the kids lists…then I take that information and go in my own direction. Maybe they will love what I choose or maybe they will write it off as a gift from their slightly eccentric aunt. Either way, I choose gifts of things I would have wanted at their age. So I think the gifts are pretty cool.

Best part of being an aunt? Low expectations from sleepy kids on Christmas morning.

snowball fight!!! take cover!!!

How cool is this snow building kit? That would have been handy to have when I was a kid. Tools to make the snowballs and an ice fort? Love it.


pencils, paints, pastels? oh my!

I was more of an office supply girl than an art supply girl, but this kit is so amazing. Maybe the budding artist in the family will send me new piece of art!


move over Dora!

I get it. Dora is educational. I have seen her in action. That said, my niece is now moving from Dora to looking at actual maps. I think this atlas is perfect to keep her curious about the world around her!


go outside and play!

Finally found a piece of “kids” outdoor furniture that wasn’t horrendous. Perfect for reading, drawing, daydreaming sessions…a no-technology-allowed zone – awesome.


turn up the tunes!!!

I let the parents buy the computers, iWhatevers, and eReaders…but I love to think of my nieces and nephews listening to a new album. Even if I hate what they choose, listening to music is better than watching YouTube videos. So, I will concede to buying an iTunes gift card for them to develop their music tastes.

I bet you know what I am going to say next…for those of us lucky enough to be around our precious nieces and nephews this season, carve out some special time just for them. And if you can’t be with them, give them a call to hear what they received from Santa. You may not get a special thank you for your gift, but to hear the excitement in their voices on Christmas morning is a pretty special memory. And that can be a gift to yourself.