Last Minute Christmas: Father-in-law

My Pop is notoriously hard to buy for – ditto with my father-in-law. If they wanted it, they have probably already bought it. And let’s face it, these guys rarely want anything. With this in mind, here are some gifts that the Husband and I have given that actually made them smile!

best show ever!

I love introducing my Pop and father-in-law to whatever the Husband and I have been watching, reading, and talking about. Both our families watch a lot of television…and neither have HBO, so for the past few years, we have been sending seasons of shows for them to check out.

personalized golf balls

This site will allow you to customize golf balls with various sayings – they even help you come up with something sassy.

pop’s favorite shirt!

One of the few companies that still makes men’s clothing for real men…and they come in tall sizes!

personalized calendar – always a hit!

Favorite gift for the in-laws. The Husband sifts through the year’s photos and creates a calendar of our family outings, parties, and events. He is even patient enough to theme each month, so last year’s Christmas photos are in December of the next year. He is so crafty. Order by this Saturday, the 17th, for ground shipping…I have a feeling I know what he will be doing on Saturday.

be prepared!

My Pop is always proud when I am prepared. I bought him a similar hand-crank radio a few years ago. Put one in your garage, basement, or car trunk. One of those items you don’t think you need until you need it, right?

My Pop also loves books…but most of all he just wants to spend time with us. My father-in-law only wants that too. Seems simple enough to me – looking forward to it.