Lapis is the New Turquoise

I noticed that my jewelry collection is becoming quite heavy – with Lapis. I have been stacking cuffs for a few years, but lately, I have been stacking lapis on lapis on lapis – breaking it up with my silver cuffs and my watch.

People have stopped me on the street and asked me where I bought the lapis cuffs and I tell the truth: I stalk a vintage jewelry vendor at Brooklyn Flea and about once a year he has a new shipment.  I never thought about what I paid (under $50), I just knew I needed to have those cuffs!  Then, Madewell had a small collection and I bought a couple pieces.  Lapis is now my go-to jewelry.

Lapis matches everything.  And it’s cheaper than my birthstone, sapphire, so today, I scoured the web and found great lapis pieces for all of us!



I am not really a statement necklace kind of girl, but when I wear the Madewell Souk Statement Necklace, I always get compliments.  I wear it with a caftan or a chambray shirt or even a navy dress.  For me, a statement necklace is a lot of look, so I like to go monochormatic blue when I wear the lapis necklace.



Lapis Tribal Statement Necklace | Lapis Tribal Souk Pendant | Turquoise Lapis Multi-Strand Necklace

I wear a few cuffs everyday.  Sometimes I will get dressed, look in the mirror, think that I am wearing too many cuffs – and usually the solution is to add one more cuff to balance it out.

Less is more and more is more and in summer when everything is so minimal, I think of cuffs the same way I think of a scarf – a necessity.




1 Cuff Bracelet | 2 Cuff Bracelet  |  3 Cuff Bracelet




Finally, I balance out all the intricate detail of the lapis cuffs with very structural simple silver cuffs.  My large silver cuff was a gift from my mother-in-law from Juarez, Mexico.  The silver cuff was a gift from the Husband made by Dannijo.  While I wasn’t able to find the exact cuffs for you, here are two great options for stacking cuffs!




plain silver cuff Dannijo Sloane Cuff |