Just Call Me Blanche

nevis-emerson-fry-caftanWoke up at 5:30 this morning – guess I am still on Paris time – tossed on my caftan, made coffee, and watched the sun rise over Park Slope.  This is my absolute favorite time of year – the birth of summer…which means it is time to talk caftans!

As I mentioned last summer, when I wear my caftan, the Husband calls me Blanche from Golden Girls, which always makes me smile!

In the summer, I live in caftans – drinking coffee, sitting outside reading a book, at the bodega, at the beach…you get the idea.  For the past three years, I have worn the Emerson Caftan.

My girlfriends always compliment the dress (one friend has nicknamed it the flying squirrel – which cracks me up), but I so get many questions on how to wear it when you aren’t at the beach.

And I always answer: however you want.  Remember the five rules of style?  Rule #5 is confidence.  If you love the look, then own the look.  And great sunglasses, lots of jewelry and a smile are always a good default.

For those of you ready to dip your toes into the caftan waters, here is a round-up of the best coverups and caftans for the summer of 2014 – or as we are calling it around here: The Summer of Jenny.

The 9seed tulum coverup is a good entry-level caftan if you aren’t ready to jump into full Blanche mode. A simple gauze slip dress, made in the USA, is offered in a variety of colors and is the perfect dress to throw on for morning coffee in the summer sunshine or a quick boat ride to the springs.




This year Emerson released a new colorway of the Emerson Caftan and while the Husband is not necessarily supportive of my caftan addiction, he did surprise me with the new version!  This morning for coffee I wore my older caftan. I am saving this one for a special occasion – maybe a Memorial Day cookout!




Madewell teamed up with JM Drygoods (based in Marfa, TX) to produce this amazing white cotton caftan.  Made in Mexico, I love the smart diamond cotton overlay – it adds texture and a little more coverage.  Seriously considering adding this to my closet.

madewell-caftanMadewell x JM Drygoods Oaxaca Caftan

Parisian designer Laurence Dolige, whose downtown essentials are simultaneously modern and timeless, issued a stunning sheer cotton day dress.  The dress also comes with a sheer cotton slip, a necessity for those quick errands when you want to wear your caftan and you aren’t at the beach.


I have never been worried about where or when it is ok to wear a caftan or look like Blanche – I say always! But I do have one question: How many caftans should one girl own?

As always, if you are looking for something in particular, I am glad to help!  I spend way too much time browsing in the stores and online…so we should put that time to good use!

Hit me up on email, in the comments below or on twitter @jamesdrygoods and let me know how I can help – because that is the kind of girl I am. – j