JDG Honored on IAMTHELAB HM100 List!

What a wonderful way to start the day! My textile work has been selected to be on IAMTHELAB’s HM100 list!


The HM100: Handmade 100 list is curated by IAMTHELAB and features the handmade works of modern makers and artists.


“The modern handmade movement continues to impress and inspire us with  its diverse talent and incredible ingenuity. The artists on this 1st Handmade 100 represent their particular genres of craft with skill and imagination.”


 “represent their particular genres of craft with skill and imagination” – their words, but whoa…THANK YOU!



Last year, I stumbled on to IAMTHELAB on instagram while researching my business – and of course, clicking around for like-minded makers.


Brett has created a huge community of makers and their fans – people who are interested in craft and creativity, but who also have a desire to push the boundaries of traditional methods to create modern pieces that are original, functional, and inspiring!


I highly suggest you follow the @IAMTHELAB instagram account.


Each post shows you something recognizable and useful, but the item has been creatively updated to make it modern, contemporary, interesting, and fresh.


The internet is overwhelming and google is not a great way to find something different. And while we are we are on the subject, let’s be honest, the world of design has started to feel a little stale.


A few years ago, I wrote an essay about the “kinfolk/faux artisanal/everything is the same”…it is still one of my favorite and most read essays.  Here was my call to action:


At the end of the day, I believe that the creators, designers, and makers who push their craft to give us thoughtful, well designed, and interesting pieces and objects will win the marketplace. 


I am not looking for a radical design turn where we abandon the past.


I believe that we should all create, seek, and surround ourselves with design that inspires and resonates.


Design that is smart, functional, and purposeful.


Design that respects tradition with a modern twist.


Now, I know Brett was feeling the same way and created IAMTHELAB to help highlight the amazing artists and makers who are respectfully pushing the boundaries of their craft.


IAMTHELAB is providing you a direct line to find makers that insist on different, better, and beautiful.


I am honored to be included on the HM100 list of makers and artists.  I can’t wait to start surfing the list to find even more like-minded makers and artists to watch and support!


Thank you, Brett and IAMTHELAB for including james dry goods on the HM100 list!


You can shop my ETSY store for my latest creations and follow me on instagram for sneak peeks into what is coming next!