jdg about

james dry goods is a design studio based in brooklyn, ny and is owned by, me, jennifer coonce.
james dry goods creates new collections twice a year – based on what i need but can’t find in the market.
winter 2015 focused on hand painted clutches and summer 2016 features hand dyed shibori sarongs and totes.

as fall approached, i created hand dyed shibori pillow covers to update our homes before winter arrives!

interested in learning more about my creative process?  check out this q&a!

oh.  did you want to know about me?
raised in oklahoma, the Husband and i moved to nyc in 2000.  after a couple hectic careers in finance and fashion, i decided to take a break.
we moved to brooklyn and i started a blog called james dry goods, which was inspired by my great-grandfather’s general store.
i also started sewing and then i started painting on fabric.  when i created a print i loved, i would make journal covers and clutches for me and my friends.
this spring, i decided to teach myself (with the help of my artist mother) how to shibori because i needed a beach tote and a few new sarongs for vacation.  i loved making them so much, i decided to make some for you too!
if something you love has sold out (every piece is one of a kind in a limited number), don’t worry! drop me an email and i will keep you posted on when new stock will be on the site!
if you want to see more of what i am up to just follow me on instagram!
thanks so much for stopping by and checking out james dry goods!