Introducing: Warby Parker Eyewear


warby parker eyewear mens glasses

Not much in this world makes me happier than when I see a young group of entrepreneurs look at an industry, think it can be done better, and execute a smarter strategy that benefits all of us.  And that is exactly what Warby Parker Eyewear did.  Started by four friends who met at Wharton Business School, they examined the eyewear industry, evaluated the inefficiencies, and created one of the most innovative and interesting companies of the last two years.

Here’s the deal:  The original designs are created in-house in New York – yea for fashion!  The website is the primary ordering driver – yea for technology!  They do have stand-alone showrooms – a majority in great retail mom-pop shops – yea for brick and mortar!  They also have a robust philanthropy program providing glasses and funding to non-profit partners – yea for doing good!

And the best part – Warby Parker is driven to provide you the best experience and product.  You can order five pairs for at home try on.  You can virtually try on the glasses via the website.  You only pay $95 – $145 for prescription glasses with free shipping and 30 day returns.  All around a win-win!

I can’t talk about this brand without mentioning that they are currently on a Class Trip – touring the nation in a school bus that has been retrofitted into a Warby Parker showroom.  Check here to see if the bus is visiting your town.  And I loved reading this article about how they retrofitted the bus.

Warby Parker is another great innovative company we should all support.  I don’t need glasses (yet), but I think that I will be adding a pair of the Zagg to my Christmas list.

warby parker eyewear exterior school bus

warby parker eyewear interior bus classtrip

interior bus image via Emily Cagwin
all other images via Warby Parker