Inspiration Files: Sarah Otts

Always on the hunt for new experiences, last summer I purchased a cheap easel, set of brushes and acrylics.  I have always loved creating and painting seemed relatively inexpensive and fun.

The results are not blog worthy, but I am having a great time!  I am learning so much about myself and importance of being patient.

Last season, my sister-in-law was shopping at Blueprint, an interior design studio and store in Dallas, TX.  She spotted two Sarah Ott creations and sent me a photo.



I love Sarah’s use of color and texture.  I found this great video on Blueprint’s blog of Sarah, in her studio, explaining her process.

In the video, she spoke of re-working her paintings.  Last year, at the Met’s exhibit of Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity, I learned that Monet regularly reworked in progress paintings, sometimes setting them aside and never revisiting the work to finish.





Knowing that and watching Sarah in action was a strong turning point for me.

Like most of us, I find myself paralyzed in front of a blank canvas, notepad, or computer screen. “Where should I start? What if I make a mistake?”

When you are painting (or doing anything creative), a “mistake” can usually be reworked into a new vision.



My lesson from Sarah (and Monet) is that most “mistakes” can be corrected or manipulated into something else more beautiful, so just get started and see where you go!




After watching the video and studying Sarah’s work, I stumbled on to Artmine, a site run by a gallery here in NYC.

Artmine took me on wonderful rabbit hole chase exploring hundreds of pieces of art online.

I suggest you set aside an hour and surf away…but don’t be surprised if you end up spending two hours.  And end up feeling inspired to create something yourself!


images via Sarah Ott Studio