In NYC, your coat is your car

source: the mustang source

The Oklahoma girl in me will always love cars. On my last trip home, I stalked my 1976 Cobra Mustang down the road – well, I am pretty sure it was mine. I was hoping that the owner would sell the car back to me and I would then cash in my return flight and drive my old/new car home. I told the Husband this story and He was less than impressed with my plan.

Fact is, we moved to NYC in 2000 and haven’t owned a car since – or as the Husband points out, we haven’t had a gas bill, insurance premiums, or repair expenses. He is right. But, here in NYC, your coat is your car. Like it or not, we wear our fall/winter/spring outwear, for a majority of the year. Something weird has happened. I realized my coat looks like my first car.

source: mara hoffman

My go-to for the past two years has been the Mara Hoffman Studded Wrap Coat. Every time I wear it, I get compliments. Wearing coats and boots is the only thing I look forward to about our long, long, long winter.

Now I need to consider which family car I will use for inspiration for this year’s coat purchase? Maybe Pop/Brother’s 1976 CJ 7 – ummm, who owns the CJ? Good question. Maybe it will be my Sister/Niece’s Orange 1978 MGB? My Pop has owned over 40 vehicles. I am betting that one of them will match my car, I mean coat, this year.

I will keep you posted…