Home: Barrington Blue

While I rarely use the explore feature on instagram, I will see an image, follow the tags, and find the most amazing products and designers!  Last month, Design Love Fest posted this picture from one of her great workshops!

barrington blue textile bed cushions pillows

Gasp!  The pillows! How amazing!  Barrington Blue created the pillows and I have been coveting them ever since.

Based in LA, Carrie transforms vintage textiles and furniture into amazing new pieces.  She has been commissioned by hotels to provide her unique designs and based upon her instagram feed (which is amazing), she is rapidly expanding into additional collaborations.  I suggest you buy one of her creations now before she takes over the textile world!

I just can’t decide if I need a pillow or two or ten

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.59.57 AM

or maybe a bed cushion

barrington blue textile bed cushions

or maybe a small stool for my office…

barrington blue textiles small bench

or a long bench for my living room?

barrington blue textiles bench

Decisions, decisions….I will keep you posted, but in the meantime head over to Barrington Blue and let me know what you would choose!