Happy Hour Countdown

TGIF!  Here in NYC, it is grey and rainy.  I know you aren’t being productive at the office…so here are a few links to entertain and educate you while the clock creeps towards cocktail time!

Well Spent posted Why Clothes Cost What They Do.  I believe you get what you pay for and appreciate the transparency provided by this post.  This is how the fashion sausage is made and priced…it’s not pretty, but it is honest.  Excellent work.

If you aren’t following the Harvard Business Review Blog, you are missing out on lots of great (and free!) business advice.  My pick for this week is Retail Revolution: We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.

I swear that my Pop reaches the end of the Internet on a daily basis.  He often forwards me Susannah Breslin’s posts from Forbes Pink Slipped blog.  Thought her post, How to Get Married, was extremely insightful.

And last, but not least…The Pledgebrother posted to Funny or Die – Hip Hop Songs I Will Have to Explain to My Future Children.  Check out his post and say it is Funny.  Because it is…

T-minus four hours to happy hour – Have a great weekend!