Happy Hour Countdown

For your entertainment (and mine), here is a circa ’77 picture of my siblings – partners-in-crime and best buddies!  I showed this picture to Pop and he wanted to know why in the world they let me drive – and he may have a point!


Only a couple of more hours until the weekend, so here’s a quick round-up of stories that caught my eye this week to help you get through the rest of the day!

ny-pub-library-baseball –  With the World Series wrapped up, I remembered reading a really interesting story regarding the AG Spalding Collection held by the NY Public Library.

Loved this statement on one of the differences of the game today: “There were fewer umpires, which meant that players often stole across the field from first base to third while no one was paying attention.”

The collection is available for viewing online and in person at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at the New York Public Library until March 2014.


–  One of my favorite brands, Kaufmann Mercantile, is holding an outstanding giveaway! Enter here!


–  I know that Oklahoma is full of beautiful women – and This Land Press noted that “Oklahoma has more Miss America winners per capita than any other state.” You can read about those ladies here!


–  Banksy, the anonymous London graffiti artist, has completed his month-long residency in NYC.  He produced a different work everyday – some humorous, some political, some weird.

I loved the twin towers (Oct 15), the no parking sign with a beaver (Oct 10), the suitor outside the Hustler Strip club (Oct 24).  You can see all the work here.

Even people who find this type of thing ridiculous might appreciate the sentiment of the Oct 27 NYT Op-Ed he drafted about the design of the new WTC.


Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!