Happy Hour Countdown

Tomorrow is my best buddy’s birthday!  She will be 29 again.  I love this picture of sisterly love and awesome plaid pants!  I wish I was in Okie to celebrate with her!  Love you, Emmy Jean!

– Last week, I showed you how I used rub & buff to add a little shine to my empty wine bottles!  This week, I found this great idea for staining clear glass bottles different colors…I am definitely going to need more wine bottles!

– I know everyone loves Pinterest – and I am using it to organize my made in America: contemporary project – but, how can a business really leverage the boards?  Zappos has figured out a way to make suggestions from their site based on your boards.  sometimes funny, but very interesting…you should check it out.

– Pop forwarded this with the subject: Wish I Would Have Read This 40 Years Ago.  Jessica Hagy, a contributor to Forbes, uses simple diagrams to remind us what is really important.  I really appreciated number 29…read all 40 rules here.


– The Husband mentioned he located two golf courses in Brooklyn.  And then mentioned we should buy a car?!?  Pop was on it and found this car owned by Babe Ruth – A 1948 mint-condition Lincoln Continental in Yankee Blue?  Now I think we may need a car…that car.

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Hope you all have a beautiful, festive fall weekend!