Happy Hour Countdown

Happy Labor Day!  This is my mom hanging out at Fort Gibson circa ’72.  And below is my grandmother and brother.  I wish I was there this weekend.  Heading out for the long weekend – but if you are still in the office, check out these links to make Friday go a little faster!

A $2.7M camera?

Emerson Fry posted her fall previews – it’s amazing!

This week, I got lost in Christopher Payne’s photography – the asylum series is fascinating and the textile series is very inspiring.

I was sad to see Sally Singer was leaving NYT T style magazine.  Check out her last issue here – personally, I thought it was the best of all the September issues.

College football is here!  This guy seems to think that the worst that can happen to the Cowboys this weekend is we wear grey uniforms.  Man, he doesn’t know OSU Football.  But this girl does…That said, Go Pokes!

Shout out to Pop for sending me some links – maybe Pop should be in charge of the Happy Hour Countdown!

And because I am dreaming of the lake…here are a few more family photos.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday!