Happy Hour Countdown

A couple of weeks ago, I told you this guy could weekend better than you…but he is not to be beaten by his wife, who can ski a mean slalom, while making sure we all have enough crackers and easy cheese.  I have this dated at about 1982.  Momma Mac is amazing.

So, why don’t you try to out weekend her?  Good luck!  She’s a champ!

– Beastie Boys MCA, Adam Yauch, passed away today at 47.  And these “boys” came of age with us.  I played the Anthology album all day today.  Today, I am embracing the possibilities of life…and fun!   Check out their videos here.

– On Sunday, 9/9/01, The Husband and I sat by this amazing statue between the twin towers, drank coffee, and read the NYT.  Two days later, the world changed.  Now you can’t find a home for it?  NYC, you are better than this.  That statue should be considered a survivor.

– Why NOT to buy Facebook – if you were even in the running for the very few shares that are available to retail investors – but seriously, this article is a good lesson about how IPO’s work (or don’t…considering your perspective).

– I know this is late, but is anyone else struggling to wrap their head around initial Facebook valuation of $100 BILLION and the purchase of a photo-sharing, non-revenue generating app for $1 BILLION without consulting the Board?  Seriously questioning how “governance” will work once FB is public