Finally: Coach is Back

File under “it’s about time,”  Coach has reintroduced the silhouettes that made us fall in love with the brand in the first place.  Logos, patent accents, and nylon shoulder straps are fine for my niece, but for me?  No way. I have been carrying my grandmother’s original Willis bag for about a year and have never received more compliments on a purse.According to WSJ, the updated classics are keeping the same look, but will feature a lighter-weight leather.  I found this quote very interesting.

Lew Frankfort, Coach’s chairman and chief executive, concedes that he ignored his own two daughters’ pleas to bring back old-Coach for “too many years.” He says it was finally a “confluence of factors that brought us back to the future.”

Last year, Mr. Frankfort’s daughter Alana, who is 28, came home with a friend who was carrying a small vintage Coach Dinky bag that she’d picked up at the Brooklyn Flea market.

Glad to see Coach get out from behind the desk and watch the streets.  The bags, part of the Legacy Classics Collection, are available at Coach now.

At some point in my life, I wanted each and every one of the styles featured.  I am seriously tempted to stock up now.  Are you?

image via Coach