Fashion 311: Spring Fashion Essentials

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Met the Husband for dinner last night and after yesterday’s post, I saw this conversation coming from a mile away:

HUSBAND: Saw your post today about shopping.

ME:  Yeah, Shopbop put over 700+ items on sale, so I figured the ladies would appreciate someone culling through the racks for the best stuff.

HUSBAND:  Did you buy all that?

ME (indignant tone): NO!  I just picked what OTHERS should buy.  You know I haven’t bought anything new lately…

HUSBAND (pointing at my feet):  Aren’t those new?

Busted!  But I started thinking…what have I bought lately?  I love fashion, but honestly, I don’t buy much for myself.  So I am very excited about my new purchases!

The weather hasn’t been warm enough for the Anthropologie denim dress…but it really is a no-brainer basic for the season.

The Sam Edelman sandals that the Husband pointed out had their debut last night. The bronze is really neutral in person.  The heel is much higher than anything I normally wear, but the pitch does not throw off my balance and the chunky heel makes me feel really stable. From subway to city to cocktails to dinner, my feet felt great all night!

I bought the Madewell blazer in white, but think the red is pretty fabulous too!  The fit is a great combination of a tuxedo blazer and a boyfriend jacket, which translates nicely from dressy to casual.

I also bought new t-shirts because I am tired of washing my one “good” t-shirt every three days.  While I was at it, I also picked up some new underwear for basically the same reason.

The chambray top from J.Crew lets me rock denim on denim without looking like a farmer.  Finally, I bought a pair of printed pants…which I thought were very “Man Repeller,” but actually turn a lot of heads (in a good way) and make me feel very festive!

So there you have it, Husband.  That is what I have bought.  Not too crazy, right?  Good.  Because I am just getting started.