Fashion 311: Maximize Your Sale Shopping

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Two weeks ago at Saks, I noticed five James Perse white basic tees on the 40% off rack. I came back to the rack 30 minutes later and three were gone. I immediately bought the other two.

In a previous post, I explained why these sales happen, but now on to the important stuff: How to make the sales work for you!

T-shirts, jeans, basic sweaters, boots, even a new coat – Anything that you wear throughout the year, but only buy when you are desperate. We all know that when you are desperate, you pay full price. This was my logic for the white tees…always need one, never had one, and now I have two…at a discount.

Yes, we are all still in coats and boots, but retailers need the floor space for new, Spring, and, most importantly, full-priced merchandise. So, now is the time that they must sell even the most basic jeans or t-shirts at a discount.

Snag anything that is classic and you can see yourself in it for years to come. By classic, I mean stand the test-of-time Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant kinda classic. So, traditional boots, jeans, tees, trenches, white shirts, sweaters…you get the idea. A sale is not the time to “try” a new look.

Don’t buy it if it doesn’t fit…and I mean, fit perfectly. I know your best intentions are to take it to the tailor or hem it yourself. You won’t and the piece will stay in your closet until your next run to Housing Works or Goodwill. I speak from experience.

Leave behind the trends, especially if it is outerwear or a cocktail dress.

I am all for buying a new coat this time of year – you have another three months wearing it here in the NE – but unless you are in absolute love with a faux fur vest and will wear it immediately and continuously until March, leave it on the rack.

Same applies to cocktail dresses. I know you think, “oh, I could wear this to so-and-so’s wedding or next year for the holidays.” Um, no you won’t – forget it – turn and run. By the time the event rolls around, you are going to want something new and different. Happens every time.

Here is the key: Just be honest with yourself of what you are buying and why you are buying it. If you start with my four basic rules, you should be able to take advantage of the sales feeling great and looking refreshed for the new year!

p.s. I started a pinterest board covering the best stuff I have seen on sale this week – you can follow me using the pinterest logo to the right or click here. If you want an invite to pininterest, hit me up here.