Enid Collins Vintage Bags

I love going home to Oklahoma and returning to Brooklyn with treasures that were hidden in my mother’s closet!  The two Enid Collins purses shown above are my latest acquisitions.

Enid Collins was a Texas designer, opening a store in 1959.  She designed numerous themed handbag collections.  Legend has it that the first large retail order came from none other than Neiman Marcus.

The Bird Watcher bag, shown above featuring the tree and cat, was an original Enid Collins design, which can be recognized by the “ec” located on the bottom right corner.  In the 1970’s, she sold her brand to Tandy Corporation.  Tandy continued to produce the bags on a larger scale using the large Collins of Texas logo that featured a horse, as shown on the bottom of the wooden box bag.

Although popular with collectors on eBay, Mom and I decided we should keep these in the family.  After all, she carried the “Bird in Hand” wooden box bag as her going away purse at her wedding – you can see it tucked under her bouquet in the picture on the right.

And I think they are way too pretty to sit in my closet, so I have displayed the bags, Coveteur style, on the shelves in my office between my Monocle and Vogue magazine collections.  Makes me smile to look at something this kitschy, yet beautiful, everyday.

You can check out more of Enid Collins designs here.