election: words matter

I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to live in this great country.  I don’t care how you vote, but you must vote. I preach education and participation.

This morning I opened the NY Times and found an infographic, “The Words They Used.”  The transcripts from the RNC and the DNC were analyzed and I found the results very interesting.

If one party is using a particular word more frequently than the other, what does that mean?

So I looked through the infographic for words that are important to me: freedom (DNC mentions: 8, RNC mentions: 21), jobs (DNC: 88, RNC: 80), American dream (DNC: 17, RNC: 20), education (DNC: 33, RNC: 10), and leadership (DNC: 32, RNC: 53).

Context is important and the infographic includes some context for some of the speakers and some of the words.

I went to nytimes.com and realized I could enter my own terms and retrieve the number of mentions for the words I think are important.  I included a screen shot of “my” infographic below – you can click on it to enlarge it and “my” terms are noted with a green star.  Here is a quick breakdown:

Constitution:  DNC mentions: 1, RNC mentions 7
Amendments:  DNC 0, RNC 0
Founders:  DNC 0, RNC 1
Father:  DNC 10, RNC 12
Parents:  DNC 11, RNC 17
Children:  DNC 23, RNC 32
Entitlement:  DNC 0, RNC 2
Accountability:  DNC 1, RNC 1
Work: DNC 60, RNC 51
Happiness:  DNC 0, RNC 1
Peace: DNC 3, RNC 4
Win: DNC 5, RNC 3

Again, context is important, but I highly recommend you go to the nytimes site and build your own infographic for what is important to you!  What words would you say should be defining this election, but weren’t included in the initial infographic?  Tell me here!

images via nytimes