Drowning in Information

Since I started this blog, I am surfing non-stop.  And like most of us, I will remember something I saw, but can’t I remember where.  I end up digging through hundreds of bookmarks or searching through the web history on three different browsers trying to find that great article, fabulous dress, or dinner recipe I saw during my Internet journeys.

I bet you know exactly what I am talking about.  Here are two tools I am using to keep my head above the surface while I am surfing…maybe they can help you too!

A few months ago, I downloaded Evernote.  The company’s tagline is remember everything.  Evernote is basically an information repository that is organized by digital notebooks.  I have a notebook for the house, the blog, and even made one to organize my christmas to-do lists.

I have the app on my desktop, an app on my phone, and a plug-in on my browser that all sync to make sure that I have the info I need no matter which device I am using.  The app will read written text, allow me to save an entire URL, categorize pictures, or even record conversations.  It is extremely comprehensive.  I understand that the concept is difficult to explain…but if you give it a shot, you will learn how to best use it for yourself and it will make things much simplier.  Promise.

Next up, Pinterest.  It’s web-based inspiration board.  See an image you like?  All you have to do is “pin it” to your board and off you go!  You can create different boards for different projects and follow other user boards to repin their ideas and expand your inspirations!  Right now, it’s by invite only…but I can get you in.  Send me an email and I will hook you up!

Two easy breezy tools to help organize the bits and bytes of data that flow past us day by day…now if I can just remember where I left my house keys, I would be all set!