Domino Mag is Back…Kinda

When packing for a move, you make choices of what to keep and what to toss.  The only issue of Domino magazine to make the cut for my move was the issue featuring Jenna Lyon’s apartment.  Seriously bad decision on my part, as Conde Nast shuttered the title soon after I unpacked.

domino magazine special edition

Last week, Conde Nast released a Domino Special Edition.

According to MediaPost, the issue is about 70% recycled materials.  Really?  Hmm…I owned every issue and devoured them all.  So why does this all look so new?

Probably because another magazine has not succeeded in capturing the look, feel, and style of the magazine…except Lonny mag, which was founded by a previous Domino editor.

Yes, the special edition is $11, but I think you will be surprised how relevant, inspirational, and helpful this “rehashed” issue is.  Here is what you get – a basically ad free magazine with 120+ pages full of makeover ideas, inspirational (but accessible) rooms, and an up-to-date sourcebook to help you create the looks for your home.  Here is a little taste from a few different spreads in the issue…

Domino Magazine Special Edition

See?  Not bad for recycled content, right?  I wish that Conde Nast would relaunch this title, but I don’t expect them to admit closing the title and moving the content to was a mistake anytime soon.  Look for the Domino Special Edition Issue at your local bookstore or newsstand now – the word is out and I expect the issue to sellout quickly!