DIY Rub and Buff Project: Glass Bottles


Last fall, I mentioned how much fun I had using Rub and Buff for a DIY to update this mirror. This fall, I decided to tackle the extra space on my bookshelves and I just knew Rub and Buff would be a part of that project.

For better or worse, I have two extra shelves above the area we use as a wet bar. For the past several weeks, I have been collecting empty wine, Brooklyn Gin, and Bulleit bourbon bottles. Perfect candidates for rub and buff, don’t you agree?

As I mentioned during the mirror project, Rub and Buff is pigment based paste, dries extremely quickly, and is not easy to remove if you apply to a surface unintentionally…and the smell requires that Rub and Buff be used outside or in a well ventilated room. I used my painting tarp (an old bed sheet), old socks to apply, and paint tape to control where I applied the color. Here is an example of the gin bottles I covered in Rub and Buff.

A couple of quick tips – I used these Brooklyn Gin bottles because I wanted to capture the texture of the glass. Also, I used the Antique Gold color to match the beautiful top of the bottle.  If you apply to a smooth surface, as I did below on the bourbon bottle, you can get a very smooth reflection.


I repeated this process on the wine bottles – using the paint tape to create various shapes and patterns.  Rub and Buff is extremely easy to use – much simpler than spray paint for those us with outdoor limited space.  I love the variation of colors and textures that I can create using Rub and Buff.  For the display bottles, I used Gold Leaf and Antique Gold to create depth – I also combined those two colors on the DIY Rub and Buff: Mirror Project.

But most importantly, I love the results!  Let me know if you have any questions – I am currently searching the apartment for even more items and spaces that need this royal treatment!