Dear D.C. – Why Must You Continue to Show Us the Wrong Way to Get Things Done?

Last night, I read 50+ pages of the SOPA bill…and had to stop out of frustration.

Once again, our lawmakers have written legislation on a topic they clearly don’t understand – resulting in unrealistic, overly simplistic, and in some cases, ridiculous legal and technology requirements for private companies.  It would have been nice if a computer engineer was standing in the room during the drafting of this legislation…it is quite clear that a lobbyist from Hollywood was in attendance.

I agree that piracy is a rampant and difficult issue…

But, watching OUR government pass nonsensical laws that, in turn, require our private businesses to waste their shareholders’ money implementing ineffective technology requirements is not acceptable.

And we should all consider the public cost of having our judicial system spend years sorting out the legitimacy of these laws and associated cases.

And finally, has anyone else noticed we have much bigger, more immediate issues on the table that MUST be dealt with?  The entire situation would be laughable, if it weren’t so sad.

In my mind, prior to drafting any legislation, the FIRST question should ALWAYS be “does this issue require a new law?”  And in order to determine the answer to that question, our government should be looking to the best and brightest on both sides of the issue to understand the current environment.

And those same parties should be involved in bill development to determine realistic parameters, compliance measures, and punishments.  The committees that wrote SOPA and Protect IP seem to have skipped this entire process.

Personally, I hope both SOPA and Protect IP are pulled from their respective floors.  I have no doubt that the “content” industries will not let this die…but maybe before Congress starts placing technology requirements into any legislation, they could start by talking to someone who…I don’t know… actually understands computers and how the Internet works?!?!?  I bet there are lots of volunteers.