Collection of the Season: Whit

Finally, the sun is shining in NYC and we are all way too excited to start spring shopping!  The retailers feel like we are a month too late, but I know that means we will have the full selection of spring deliveries at our fingertips.

One line in particular has knocked it out of the park for spring.  Whit’s Collection looks exactly like what I want to wear this spring.

Interesting silhouettes, textured (definite must see and touch in-person) fabrics, and impeccable styling have me tracking down these pieces as my spring to summer uniform for 2014.  And you should know a majority of her spring pieces are made right here in the USA!




Whitney Pozgay, Whit’s lead designer, started her career at Kate Spade and was the women’s wear designer at Steven Alan before starting her own label with partners in 2010.

Whit is a member of the 2013-2014 CFDA Incubator, a very exclusive organization that promotes up and coming designers, providing them mentorship and support as they grow their line.




I have scoured stores to determine who has bought deepest into what I believe is one of the most wearable collections of the season.  So far, Bird and Neiman Marcus seem to have the largest selection, but be sure to check out her listing of local boutiques because you know shopping local is always a good thing!

As the season continues, I will continue to post my favorites for spring.  What are you looking for?  Anything I can help you find?  I spend way to much time on the internet not to help a friend out – so drop me a note or comment and I will help you with your search!