Can’t Wait!  Emerson Fry Spring Collection Is Here!

Ed. Note: published spring 2012 - see the latest Emerson Fry post here!

You know how sometimes you find something great and you want to tell to everyone?

And other times, when you know it’s really, really great, you are scared it will blow up into something huge and you won’t have access to it any more?

I feel that way about Emerson Fry…BUT I am so excited for this brand and the new Spring Line, I can’t keep quiet any longer!

Last summer, I was given her Butterfly Caftan and while I pledged to keep quiet, every person who even dared to comment on the dress was given a complete dissertation on Emerson Fry.

Made in the USA, by a talented, stylish woman and her smart, supportive husband at their amazing farm in NH with their precious dog, Pedro, who sometimes tweets funny things…and, most importantly, the fashion is impeccable!

Here is the thing…Emerson Fry is the real deal.

She is designing for real women who just want to look pulled together, no matter the situation.  I personally consider that All-American style.

Polished, yet comfortable.  Strong, yet approachable.  Classic, yet current.  Isn’t that how we all want to dress?

The Spring Line is live today!  I am on the pre-order list for about 20 items…including this awesome Emerson Bag.

This lady and her family have the talent and drive to build a massive brand…one that we should all be inspired by and proud to support.

p.s. you can like her on facebook, follow her and pedro on twitter, and read her journal for all the behind the scenes action.

p.p.s.  Here is a great interview of Emerson in T Style Magazine.  Check her out and tell me you don’t think she is great.  I dare you.