American Made: this is ground | the mod

You know I have a slight obsession with school supplies.

When I saw the cord tacos from This Is Ground, based in LA, I was seriously tempted to buy the entire line – I need the passport cover, the leatherback journal cover, and the cordito.  Maybe I should just by the great escape suite and call it a day.


great escape package from this is ground

And then I saw the mod.


Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 7.48.22 PM
image via this is ground instagram | photo by @hello_crow


Not yet released (but I think today is the day), the mod is the modern day franklin planner and (it may be blasphemous to say) the filofax.

This new organizer is a planner for modern life – with customized inserts for your technology, your journal, your pencils, your jewelry – whatever you want to carry and nothing you don’t.



I have been struggling for months to find a journal cover that didn’t add bulk and weight to my already full purse.  The mod would hold my shades, journal, pen, and cords.  And keep it organized and protected.

And the mod will be available in metallic leather.



And it’s small enough to tuck into my Clare V. Messenger…or carry solo.



Oh, brother. Looks like I am going to have to explain another school supply purchase to the Husband.  And you should sign up to get notified when the mod is released!


 images via this is ground