American Made: Emerson Fry Fall 2014

By October, I have read all the September issues of fashion magazines, the nights have turned chilly, and I am ready for fall clothing.

Every year, I struggle with my “look” for the season.

Transitions are not easy for me – Summer means caftans and winter means sweaters and boots. Spring? Fall? Always a tossup.

And as I have explained before, I dress based on my mood drifting from classic to modern – but never trendy. This year, I have decided to take some lessons from one of my favorite Made in USA contemporary designers, Emerson Fry.

The Husband must have read my mind because he surprised me with this awesome pebble grey topper for my birthday. Practical me thought, “Do I really need a short sleeve coat?”

And then I remembered my struggle with Fall and the importance of layering and I realized, “Yes! This is perfect!”


As usual, Emerson has produced a wonderful collection – full of amazing basics with interesting, yet approachable proportions, and fantastic textured fabrics! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the fall collection.

Also, Emerson Fry is quietly starting to wholesale with some really great independent retailers – Willy’s in Detroit and A. Cheng in Brooklyn are two places I have seen her wares.


Last week, I saw this amazing overcoat in person and while I know I have a coat problem (Husband’s words, not mine), I am seriously evaluating adding just one more to the collection.

The coat is made in NYC and the entire line is made in the USA, so really one more coat is just a small contribution to the local manufacturing industry that I hope continues to grow and thrive, right?  I will tell the Husband I am just doing my part.