american made: AMO Denim

Disclaimer: Some days, I sit down at the computer to share my fashion thoughts and think, “Do I seem to my readers like a crazy shopping addict?”

Let’s just be honest.  I “shop” non-stop.  I love the fashion industry and love watching brands start, grow, expand, falter, grow again – not always in that order.

And I love the business of fashion.  Can a new product break through?  Will consumers buy at the price-point offered?  Which retailers have great buyers and which retailers are missing the mark?  Which brands will excel or suffer? And the most fun for me is to watch who among them can find their bootstraps, give them a yank, and figure it out?

It is a business game, played on the fickle attitudes of teenage girls obsessed with twitter, millennials focused on finding authenticity, and women who use fashion as armor and fantasy.  And that is only the female gender.  So much of the fashion industry boils down to a gut feeling that must be backed by strong (and often very complicated) execution, which makes it fascinating to watch, season after season.

I love it as much as the Husband loves his fantasy football or our dear Oklahoma State Cowboys. So I talk about it here.

But to be clear, just because I am excited about an item or brand or store doesn’t mean I buy the entire line, right?  Right.

But I do want to share it with you – because what if, by chance, I have seen exactly what you were looking for?

If I stay quiet, then I wouldn’t be doing my job of sharing.

So that’s the “I am not a shopping addict, I am just trying to share” disclaimer before I tell you about this new, can’t get it out of my head, denim brand.

And, ladies, I do believe we have a new denim line to obsess over.


That sounded a little more like a fashionista than I want it to, but in all seriousness, I am excited to see how the ladies at AMO debut this spring.

Based and manufactured in LA, two friends decided to start a denim line.  While they loved the beauty of vintage jeans, they felt the vintage fits left something to be desired.

And I get that.  My vintage denim, while soft and beautiful, usually bags in the wrong spot(s) or needs to be paper-bagged at the waist (which is coming back – you have been warned).



Aside from the cool fits and features, part of AMO Denim profits are going to the Spay Neuter Project of LA, which is great!

The brand is retailing at Forward (my new go-to for first to market fashion) and Intermix, as well as a ton of other great independent boutiques across the country.

Here are the four styles offered at Forward this spring.  FYI, the pictures are links and will take you to the style.

I am especially taken with the twist (shown below).  I love the idea of the outseam of a jean that wraps towards the front to help create the taper.

I know many of my vintage pairs have made this loopy move, but definitely not as gracefully.  I always love when a design element is entrenched in reality.

While we have many choices for American Made denim, I believe that AMO are bringing a new point of view to the table.  I hope they have a great debut season because I definitely want to see what they do next!